Take your language school to the next level

All-in-one online school platform for automated course development

Wide range of language content generation tools designed to personalize the learning experience.

Create your own materials with just one click

Type the topic

Wait 5-10 sec.


Modify as you wish.


Type a topic and get 10 related flashcards.


Generate an immersive story for your lesson’s topic and boost your students with contextual learning.


Show how to apply new vocabulary with simulated conversations made to mirror real-life scenarios.


Get interesting topics for essays in seconds.

Benefits for you:

Automatic development of digital language courses

Multiple AI-based content generation tools. Reduce time and cost of course creation by 80% comparing to traditional methods.

Learning personalization on a scale never met before

Deliver tailor made courses to every student. For the first time ever creation of a fully personalized language material is a matter of minutes.

Centralized school management – Save time with simple scheduling & administration

All the apps you use for everyday work integrated into one collective workspace: CRM, Video communication programs, activity diary, automatic email remindersd, drag & drop calendar and more.

Build a better business with deep analytics

Check how your school is performing: class reports & attendance, teacher ratings, student feedback, identify new opportunities and automate quality control. Use linguistic data with unique insights like language level or grammatical tenses to improve your courses.

Benefits for your students:

Immersive content

Interesting stories, books and articles at different language levels.

Easy translation

Translation of every word with a click.

Fast remembering

Flashcards to consolidate the words you have learnt.

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