"Create a better connected world"

Imagine what would happen if everyone in the world spoke the same language. We could become one big global community, work together on projects that solve many problems, and show more empathy towards other people. Lack of communication leads to conflicts and failures. 

If thanks to our work, we could make another million people learn a foreign language and become part of this new, better connected world, we will proudly use our skills to make it happen.


"Making learning an adventure"

We believe that there are more fun ways than doing exercises in a black and white textbook.

Above all our priority is to provide a way for our users to have fun and eagerly spend long hours polishing a foreign language.

Our values:

Work with pleasure

Creative thinking


Who we are:

Alan - science and business freak

On Saturday nights you will find him on club floors dancing merrily in latino rhythms. 

Favorite book: Homo Deus

Favourite movie: Avengers Infinity War

Kuba The Titan of Work

Rarely seen without a smile. He is accompanied by music at every moment of his life and prefers Advertiser Eaters to film marathons.

Favorite book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Favourite movie: Parasite

Our history:

We grew out of the Demium Startups Warsaw incubator, where the first concept of Linguido was created. It was there that Alan and Kuba met, who applied to the program thinking about using their skills to create companies that solve global problems. Initially, we wanted to create a chatbot that would enable English conversations to practice conversation skills, but along the way we discovered a more interesting way to engage in conversations - interactive stories. This is how the first Linguido prototype was created. Since then, the concept has changed many times, we tested a number of different ideas, released several prototypes and finally achieved the result showing the right path. Thanks to your opinions and suggestions we have come to the release of the full version of our platform.

Special thanks for supporting us at the beginning of the road include:

Mrs. Paulina Smolarek

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