Increase the effectiveness of your curriculum

Introduce Linguido in your school and gain a competitive advantage by using an innovative platform for self-learning.

For students:

Compelling content

Interactive stories, books and articles at various language levels.

Easy translation

Translation of unknown words and phrases by easy selection.

Quick memorization

Flashcards and mini-games to repeat the newly discovered words.


Blended learning

Combine class activities with students' self-study. Thanks to Linguido, your teachers will be able to focus more on actively teaching the language through writing and conversation, as students will be able to expand their vocabulary at home.

Monitor progress

Collect Information about the student's progress and problems. Our statistics and data will allow your teachers to better personalize the curriculum and increase its effectiveness.

Assign homeworks

Now, just one click is enough to assign homework and then check its correctness. Besides that, to ensure that homework will be done, each student will receive a reminder from us.

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