Learning languages is easy when you are having fun!

Take part in a fascinating interactive story and forget that you are learning. Thanks to our method you will spend a pleasant time and develop your language.

Mechanisms that simplify your learning

Learn from the context

New concepts are difficult to understand without a previous application example. Through the context and giving the background we will significantly speed up your learning.

Discover new words

English has 171 476 words, so there is a good chance that you do not know some. Select what causes you a problem and discover the meaning.

Preserve known phrases

Repetition makes words you didn't know with the passage of time become obvious. Thanks to our algorithm you will remember most of the words you learn.

Use in practice

Ultimately, you will have to use everything you learn in your life. Take part in our simulations to use new vocabulary in dialogues.

Linguido app

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Interactive stories


Explore the most interesting tourist destinations in the world and learn the phrases you need when traveling.


Choose one of the career paths and develop your Business English skills.


Make friends, find the other half, start a family or have short romances to improve interpersonal skills in English.

Learn by reading what you fancy!

Discover extraordinary stories by learning a language.

Lots of articles on a variety of topics

Keep up to date with current events and develop your passions by reading articles about your favorite topic.

Most popular books of all time

Classics that have fascinated millions of people around the world. Now adapted so that you can learn a foreign language.

Content tailored to you

You know best what you would like to read. By analyzing your choices and vocabulary, we help you find the right content faster.

What people say about us:


"Best language learning app I've tested."


"I am so caught up in this story that I feel unsatisfied and I hope that the continuation will be with a holiday in Egypt."


"Very interesting and addictive, so longer learning time guaranteed."

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